Photo Friday

Photo Friday: Home


As a new born baby my first home was England.

As a child they were in Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong.

Michigan became home when I was a struggling student.

Singapore when I was an employee.

As a bride and wife I was whisked to Istanbul.

Now, the wanderlust in me takes me back to where I almost started.

Photo Friday: Baby


photo friday: vanity

Img_0311i chose this picture for this week's photo friday challenge because i find something breathtakingly beautiful and grand about how this bird spreads its magnificent wings.  how it bows its pretty crowned head, how its legs seem to push those gorgeous wings up, open and away from the ground like a royal bow, for all to see.

one of my favourite shots taken at the singapore zoo.  more to come soon.

photo friday: pink

Img_0420i love that this week's photo friday challenge is 'pink".  it's one of my favourite colors, and ties in well with the pink dolphin show we went to see last week with sis-in-law and nieces on our quick escape to singapore.  more photos & about our trip later, but i'll end the post with this delightful question esra asked me at the show, "amirah, did someone paint the dolphins pink? they aren't really that color are they?" (apparently the dolpins are born grey and turn pink as they mature!)

Photo Friday Challenge: Best of 2005


We are truly blessed for all the goodness, challenges and successes that came our way last year.

Photo Friday Challenge : Depth of Field


Perhentian Island, Malaysia.  July 2005.



photo friday: yellow


golden yellow jackfruit for this week's photo friday.